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Oh Hey, I’m Rugged Fox.

I am a West End boy with a Prairie Heart living in Vancouver, BC. Over the last ten years, I have kept a record of my misadventures here in word and comic form.

My main addictions include red wine, Netflix, cream cheese and men. I am the gay uncle to the Boston Terrier named CLARK and the proud father of my bags Pacey, Hunter and Jackson.

My hobbies include reading Vanity Fair, singing at the top of my lungs and dressing in a variety of questionable outfits.

My life philosophies are, “if it is not good for the face, it is not good for you” and “a bottle of wine a day keeps the therapist away.”

I am currently taking life one bad date at a time. I hope you enjoy following this ridiculous journey of laughter and love with me.

yours in red hair and red wine,