In Shining Armour

My apologies I have not been more present in your life this last week! My little studio apartment has become a hostel of sorts and I have been busy entertaining.

Thanks to everyone who expressed their concern about the backdraft situation I posted about last. As a good friend pointed out at work, backdraft is a very serious matter, and I could not agree with her more. That said it brings me the greatest pleasure to report back that everything has cleared up and the timing could not be better, because tonight marks my second date with Knight.

Allow me to back to the pride float up.

I met Knight like I did every other man in this city, on the net. Right in the nick of time, his fully-dressed profile pic popped up in my box before I had a chance to swear off Manhunt for the rest of my life. Deciding that replying to one more message couldn’t hurt, one bottle led to another, and before I knew it was standing on yet another street corner waiting for yet another date.

Five years my junior, at first I was hesitant as to whether the two of us could work. But taking into account the fact that the last two men I went out with were 27 going on sixteen, I decided to give it a try.

Dressed to impress, he showed up at the stroke of eight with the most adorable smile you have ever seen. Walking up Main Street together, we played a game of twenty questions to get to know each other better. I told him that I loved to write and drink too much red wine while he expressed his love for animals and snowboarding in the winter.

            KNIGHT: Do you know how to board?

            FOX: No, but I do know how to drink Bailey’s with my hot chocolate.

One sky train, two glasses of red wine and an order of chicken fingers later, I was relieved to discover that maturity-wise he was well beyond his years. Walking me to the bus stop at the end of the night, he proved to be exactly what the previous two men weren’t: a gentleman. Tonight we are off to the movies and I am not going to lie, I am pretty pumped. Something tells me this third guy just might be a charm.