kitchen dance party

In the spirit of my wild kitchen dance parties, I have started up a new weekly feature for the blog. Each week I will be sharing with you the number one hit on my "Kitchen Hit List."

After spending four weeks at the top, David Archuleta's "Crush" was finally knocked out by the one and only Ms. Jennifer Hudson. Taking centrestage, Ms. Hudson's debut single "Spotlight" is where my youtube is at.

NOTES: Musically, my favourite part of the song is most definitely the higher octave "hoo hoo" sprinkling just the right amount of flava right on throughout.

DANCE TIPS: I love songs that build - by the first chorus my shoulders are bouncing and my hips are shaking while I am washing the dishes - by the second chorus i am riding up against the wall - and by the third chorus i am all over that sexy bend-over whip move.

Ah! Apparently I can't embed the video, so here is the link!

Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight