Rugged Does Vegas/Vegas Does Rugged: A Flip-Flop Series


Once upon a time, there was a slightly-chubby ginger boy who lived in the middle of a frozen wheat field. On the night of his sixteenth birthday, this young redhead found himself surrounded by family and friends at The Olive Garden. With a complimentary basket of bread sticks, and braces that sparkled sterling-silver in the candlelight, you’d think that sadness would be nothing more to him than a professional hockey game. However, if you looked closer, you would discover that was not the case. For just yonder his freckles was the faintest drop of a tear. And if you sailed into that tear, like a gigantic ocean wave, then you would discover the painful secret this sweet sixteen-year-old held so deep. For this ginger was in love, and this was a love that dare not speak its name. But if it could speak! Oh me oh my! The glorious sound it would make!  Like a choir of angels sent down from Meryl Streep above, to dance with basic choreography and harmonize in five perfect parts. Wiping the tear from his eye before anyone noticed, the young Rugged Fox took another bite of chicken parmesan. Twirling a side of spaghetti in tomato sauce, he looked up at the ceiling and prayed that one day he would not only meet the love of his life; but live long enough to tell everyone about it.

Next up ... Part One: "We're going to see the Backstreet Boys!"