a knight's tale

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous redhead who met a handsome knight. The two went on several dates together and shared many a nice time. Then one day the knight stopped texting the redhead back. The end.

So incase you are looking for an update on the Knight situation there is none. (lol tear) He went AWOL approximately seven days ago and that was pretty much that. I can’t say I was entirely devastated by the situation, only moderately. Truth be told his lack of response felt like Karma biting me back for something similar I did to someone last year…

It was October 2008 and I had just returned from my trip to Japan. Back on the market after my stocks had taken a serious hit six months before, I was dating again. Giving my love life a jump start, I started seeing this boy who was in my class at school. He was cute, kind and had an unexpected passion for the horror movie genre. Over the course of a month, the two of us watched several movies together, ate lots of popcorn, and debated whether or not Demi Moore made a good Hester Prynne. Everything was coming up roses until one morning I woke up and felt myself no longer interested. Sipping on my dark roast at the time, it occurred to me that I didn’t believe there was a strong enough connection between us to build a relationship on. Of course rather then tell him that, I avoided confrontation at all costs and decided instead to stop returning his texts. Hoping that he would eventually stop writing back, three days later I got my wish and never heard from him again.

Now twelve months later it seems the tables have turned, and I am sitting here on the other side writing to you about the boy who never texted back. So should I complain? No. And have I learned my lesson Ms. Karma? Yes. And here is why.

If a hypothetical you start dating me, and one day you wake up and realize that I am not the right fit (The horror! The horror!) then that is totally fine: inexplicable, but fine. As far as I’m concerned, so long as you’ve kept the receipt you can return my love without having to give me a reason as to why you didn’t like it. But all I ask is that you write the text-message to return it; because at least then I can put my heart back on the rack without wondering whether it should’ve still been kept on hold.

So what has become of the man hunt that has become my social life? I have called it off, for now. Fatigued by the thought of embarking on yet another first date, I have retired my love life from the internet and started searching out other hobbies. At the moment, I am deciding between film school, choir and taking up drinking red wine full-time. I will let you know what happens.