and september begins...

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Thought of the 1st

The wonderful thing about living in Winnipeg is that you always have something to bitch about. There is never a lack of any kind've small talk or cheap conversation as a result. It's either too cold or too hot, too wet or too dry. How can anyone living on the prairies keep to themselves when there is just so much general discontentment to be expressed?

Blog of the 1st

Do you know what I find absolutely crazy? When all signs point too "it's meant to be" yet all present reality heads in the opposite direction. So you fall in love with a person; head over heels as Allanis would have it. (or would she?) As a result it becomes necessary to justify your creepy stalker actions as hormones replace all existent rational thought.

Towards the ninth week of stalking with no result, except for the irreprehensible turmoil placed on your everyday life and the uncomfort endured by set victim (or love), you begin to find ways to prove that it is not meant to be. That it is just coincidence you end up at the same place five days a week in the morning - that you know every single person they know - that you become more and more similar as more information is shed. But then what happens?

Just when the end of summer is marked by the first of September and distance seems to be the best remedy for change; you learn that you are in the same class at school and will now see each other three days a week until the next summer begins.

"So don't be alarmed if I love you, for all that you are, I couldn't help it, it's all your fault." 

This is creepy stalker #129,222,394,051a signing off for today.

Enjoy your fall!

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